Additional Costs to Complete Corporate Credit

Additional Costs to Complete Corporate Credit

There are only a few additional costs outside the purchase price of the program itself. Those costs involve registering and setting up a registered entity with the Secretary of State. If this is already complete, subtract the amounts that no longer apply.



Reserve Business Name or Register DBA


LLC Formation + Articles of Organization/Corporation


Get Certificate of Good Standing


Get Business License

*Not required for internet-based companies. May require additional licenses depending on the state chosen*


TOTAL: ~$70

Get Hostgator (i.e. Hosting, Domain, SSL, Email)

$50 / year

Purchase Business Phone Number


Setup Business Voicemail

$2 / month

Get Registered Agent

$45 / year

Get Commercial Address

FREE to $50 / mo

4x Quarterly Business Credit Reports

FREE to $120 / year

$10K CD Secured Micro-Loan (optional)


TOTAL: $10 to $70 / month

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