Bank Denial For Opening A Trust Account

Bank Denial For Opening A Trust Account

One may need to try the same bank but a different branch. Most students don't have issues, but everyone has opened a trust account after a 2-3 tries. It all depends on the attorney's interpretation of the trust indenture.
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      It does not matter. The bank accepts both and they are equally private. If absolute privacy is required, this is where a registered banking agent comes in. Through a one-time appointment of an agent with banking privileges to open a bank account on ...
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      First, ensure the Trust Corpus and forms are properly filled out (do not sign them yet). Next, get the EIN from the IRS, online. With these materials in hand, set up an appointment for one of the following banks: Chase Bank TD Ameritrade PNC CitiBank ...
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      No; however, the LCC/entity can sign a check over to the Trust - which then allows the Trustee to deposit said check into the Trust bank account now.
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      Unfortunately, due to the issues with Chase Bank stated below we are no longer recommending them. We've found that Chase is requiring the following (at the very least): ​ 1. Article 14.02 removed. 2. All references to a "head/executive trustee" must ...
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      For students living in California, Union Bank will open up a trust bank account with zero review (thus guaranteed approval). Union Bank does trust accounts with non-interest bearing personal checking accounts only. While it is opened using a ...