Can A US Citizen Purchase and Legally Own Property in Costa Rica via Real Estate Trusts

Can A US Citizen Purchase and Legally Own Property in Costa Rica via Real Estate Trusts

Yes, foreigners have the same rights to own property in Costa Rica as its citizens. This includes ownership of property by a US-based trust or a trust with a US citizen as its grantor or trustee(s). The only exception is concession property or land within 200 meters of the ocean's high tide line. This restriction is due to the Maritime Zone Law, stating the first 50 meters cannot be built upon by anybody and is considered public beach, while the next 150 meters cannot be owned in fee simple (allodial title) rather it can only be leased by a concession from the local municipality for 20-99 years and is transferrable.  Finally, a Costa Rican citizen must always have a percentage of ownership in this concession property.
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