Can Lawful Money or Article III Courts Be Used for A Current Problem

Can Lawful Money or Article III Courts Be Used for A Current Problem

If one is “looking to fight” problems they are currently facing, like tickets, license violations, statutory violations, etc. Oftentimes, by the time the problem has come up, most have already given up jurisdiction and have identified themselves as a person, clearly subjecting themselves to the statute(s). So victimless crime or not, there is liability due to [mis]identification.


If this is the case, and it's only a fine (and not jail time), forget about the issue! Think of it as being robbed, pay the money and learn to control business dealings from here-forward. Pay them some cash, which is all they want, negotiate the amount with the prosecutor or the court.

If it's over a driver's license, when getting the license back, restrict the endorsements on the agreement "without prejudice", which will then give one access to the remedy of the jurisdiction of the land (common law). If there is still have time before a court date, get a new Drivers license and restrict endorsement on the application and license, then can go the District court route, sending a Refusal for Cause on the court date (within 72 hours of being offered the 'citation') and serving notice.

Otherwise, pay the fine in lawful money and get a receipt showing such.

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