Can Multiple Trusts Have The Same Grantor?

Can Multiple Trusts Have The Same Grantor?

Yes. A single person can serve as the grantor for an infinite amount of trusts.
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    • Can A Trust Be The Grantor of Another Trust

      Yes, a sui juris (independent) trust can be the grantor for another trust; however, there are often complications that arise from such a structure. Many often use this type of trust to create a trust web, which could inadvertently create multiple ...
    • Will Grantor's Death Affect A Corporation Owned By The Trust

      Living trusts and testamentary trusts may only hold S-Corporation stock for 2 years after the date of death of the grantor. After death, the trusts become ineligible shareholders and the corporation will lose its S-election due to the grantor's ...
    • Can a Single P.O. Box Have Multiple Entities or Trusts Listed There

      Yes, but be aware that the service provider may limit the number of names or entities a single box can service.
    • Can Someone Be Grantor/Creator + Trustee + Beneficiary

      No. A contract between only (1) party is invalid, contracts require (2) or more parties to be considered valid. One can be Grantor and a/the Beneficiary. There is no conflict of interest being Grantor & Beneficiary because Beneficiary cannot ...
    • Can LLC or Corporation Be A Grantor for A Trust

      A Corporation and LLC can be grantor for a statutory trust, but not a private express trust (i.e. Bulletproof Trust). Private express trusts require a living human being to be grantor. If the goal of using these statutory entities as grantor is to ...