Can One Quit-Claim Deed The Property After Foreclosure Proceedings

Can One Quit-Claim Deed The Property After Foreclosure Proceedings

No. Even though the loan was fraudulent and they never lent any money, one cannot transfer property into a trust after foreclosure. No equity = No standing. Once title transfers, the mortgage company has the title to the home and there is nothing more one can do (as far as we know). At this juncture, most use Debt Removal Secrets to remove the derogatory marks from the credit reports and Foreclosure Secrets to obtain any overage funds, allowing a fresh start with the equity paid-in!

It should be noted that one who Quit-Claims a property into a Trust and then stops paying will be hit with every mortgage note's clause of a one-time balloon payment of the amount in full due immediately. If one transfers the title to a trust and continues paying (and we've seen this on 300+ homes now), the bank will not care in the slightest and never activate this clause. All lenders want are on-time payments. The same can be said for vehicle loans, although very few contain one-time balloon payment clauses as it is understood cars with leases on them are still sold in the marketplace via a Bill of Sale.

Finally, some have confused a Quit-Claim of property into a Trust, as saving a home from foreclosure - and this is wrong! The ONLY Trust that does this, is a Constructive Trust between all equity holders, one's self, the court and the lenders/creditors. Further, the only way we've been able to "force this agreement to enter a Constructive Trust" is by obtaining allodial title, in fee simple, to the land.

NOTE: Real Estate Secrets is NOT intended for use in situations involving property located within the boundaries of corporate municipality. To determine if property is within a municipality, search “[county, state] township map” online and either the state government website will have it or even Google Maps.

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