Going To Court Regarding Lawful Money

Going To Court Regarding Lawful Money

The only question for any judge in any case to answer is this:

"If Federal Reserve notes do not and cannot act as redeemed, gold backed US Bank notes or US Treasury notes, then how does one deal in Constitutionally defined lawful money?"

Clearly, the US Treasury states they can. Clearly 300 million in Gold coins were seized in 1934 and put into a public trust for use by the public to "pay debts" as defined in the Constitution. So, tell me, will the Government paid Judge admit, on the record, that the 300 million has been stolen from the Trust or that the public cannot access it to pay debts?

Not to mention, the access to Common Law courts in the District Courts of the United States (Article III courts) when you utilize lawful money redemption. Your rights are further protected when restricting a signature "without recourse". Appellate/Article III court trumps any lower court's authority.

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