Half Your Mortgage Coaching Program Outline

Half Your Mortgage Coaching Program Outline


  1. Half Your Mortgage Program [$4000 VALUE]
  2. “Done For You” Qualification Testing [$2000 VALUE]
  3. “Done For You” Bank List [$5000 VALUE]
  4. Real Estate Secrets [$8000 VALUE]
  5. High Credit Secrets [$300 VALUE]
  6. Private Banking Secrets [$15000 VALUE]
  7. 12 Weeks Video and Audio Coaching [$5000 VALUE]
            Week 1: Strategy Call + Half Your Mortgage Overview
            Week 2: Boosting Your Credit Score
            Week 3: How To Half Your Mortgage
            Week 4: Creating A Custom Bank List For You
            Week 5: Calling Banks, Qualifying Questions & HELOC Disclosures
            Week 6: Private Banking Secrets Overview
            Week 7: Whole Life Insurance & Investing
            Week 8: Real Estate Secrets Overview
            Week 9: Obtaining a Land Patent & Removal From Tax Roll
            Week 10: Fighting A Foreclosure Proceeding
            Week 11: Advanced HELOC Q&A
            Week 12: Wrapping Up
  1. Personal Kickoff Strategy Session [$1000 VALUE]
  2. 12 Weeks Open Office Hours [$1500 VALUE]
  3. Twice-A-Week Virtual Masterminds [$6000 VALUE]
  4. (3) 1-Hour Private Consultations [$3000 VALUE]
  5. Access to Last Year’s Coaching Sessions [$5,000 VALUE]

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