How Does One Get This Bulletproof Trust Setup Immediately - What Are The Next Steps

How Does One Get This Bulletproof Trust Setup Immediately - What Are The Next Steps

The Trust Indenture (documents to fill out) is found in Section 2: BULLETPROOF TRUST SECRETS currently. One can fill in the blanks found in the trust indenture by following STEP #3: LIST OF REPLACEABLE TERMS IN TRUST INDENTURE. Once these terms have been replaced and one has edited the trust indenture to their liking, the next objective is to find a GRANTOR who is not related by blood (no family, no marriage/dating relations - even homosexual relations without marriage are too close). Once a grantor is found, gift the grantor 1oz of silver, who will in turn grant the silver into the trust for its creation (known as a trust res or trust property). Finally both the head trustee and the grantor will go to to notarize the document (via webcam or smartphone to show faces and government identification to the notary) OR both may go into a local bank branch (at the same time) for notarization in-person.
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