I Need Legal Counsel / Attorney to Help Setup My Trust For Me

I Need Legal Counsel / Attorney to Help Setup My Trust For Me

Yes, if you are looking to have an attorney draft the trust for you, rather than give legal counsel - you'll require a local (state) attorney that is willing to put aside their BAR License to work in a private capacity. Further, insure that they are drafting this trust indenture without statutory regulations - as it is a private contract. We suggest you look for a "constitutional attorney" as they will understand Article I Section 10 Clause 1 of the Constitution and how that pertains to a private trust.

Here is a list of such attorneys, simply select the state in which you reside: https://www.lawyers.com/constitutional-law/

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      Most answers take 3-5 business days to receive an answer (Monday through Friday), save national holidays and vacation time. NOTE: Although legal counsel was summarily used, written information does not qualify as legal advice.
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      The attorney should be local in the state you are working in. They need to be familiar with the state's laws (where they have their B.A.R. license) to assist with any oddities or answer questions to help obtain the excess funds faster.