Is A Perfect Score for D&B Enough

Is A Perfect Score for D&B Enough

No D&B is not enough! This may have been true in the early 2000s, but not now. The D&B PAYDEX Score is critical when beginning; however, the most important business credit score is the Experian Intelliscore, which has a scoring model similar to a FICO score. Further, a "starting score" shows that a few vendor accounts were paid on time by paying for a few purchases of $50 or more. To get fully rated requires multiple trades on ALL of the major business credit bureaus.
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      D&B is out of 100. Experian Business Credit is out of 100. Equifax Business is ranged from of 101 to 992. D&B and Experian associate 80 with an Excellent score while Equifax considers 725 to be that.
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      A credit score could be different daily or even by the minute depending on when a lender requests it. Because a credit score can change frequently, don't worry excessively about minor fluctuations.
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