Is My Land Within Municipality Boundary Limits

Is My Land Within Municipality Boundary Limits

Be aware, the Real Estate Secrets program is NOT intended for use in situations involving property located within the boundaries of corporate municipality. Most of those matters involve simple contract relationships for actual services rendered, such as water, sewer, and garbage. As for the rest of it, one is dealing with the corporate fiction, the charter for which comes from the State and not the County. To determine if property is within a municipality, search “[county, state] township map” online and either the state government website will have it or even Google Maps.

[Miami, FL’s township is outlined in RED in Google Maps in the example above. Land outside this outline can be removed from the tax rolls.]

We know (currently) of no dependable non-political solutions to offer beyond selling the city property and acquiring new property outside the property lines of any corporate municipality. That is not to say a dependable method does not exist. It simply means that we are unaware of any such method that is non-political and non-adversarial. Things are continually discovered, and who knows what the future may bring. Therefore, if one lives within municipality limits Real Estate Secrets CANNOT remove property taxes; on the other hand one CAN stop foreclosures, obtain a land patent, avoid the requirement for permits and still legally privatize the property.
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