What Codes, Statutes or Body of Law Does The Trust Follow

What Codes, Statutes or Body of Law Does The Trust Follow

The Trust is founded in Natural Law (and some Common Law), different from Admiralty Law which is practiced the world-round. In fact, to secure a judgement over any Common Law Trust, one must first find a COURT OF EQUITY that has venue AND jurisdiction to properly rule over the case. Sadly, no courts of equity exist in today's world - so the dirty secret is, you cannot sue a trust! That doesn't mean the trust cannot be held liable - it can - but only if it has grievously injured a person or property.

The IRC (Internal Revenue Code) has a
mandatory exception (not exemption) for any 508(c)(1)(A) trusts, even if it has an EIN (Employee Identification Number) with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). All an EIN does, is REGISTER the trust within the federal database system. This is the opposite of applying for determination like a 501(c)(3) charity does. Every trust must have this database registration to apply for bank accounts, credit cards and loans in the public realm. But the IRS registration does not give up any of your liberties and rights.

If you choose not to register the trust with an EIN, it is then completely private. This is because it does not interact/contract in the public business realm, therefore it has no ability to bring liabilities upon itself. Not getting an EIN will block you from getting a bank and holding money in publicly traded companies like a bank. You will only be able to hold the assets in your trust's own private safe at it's domiciled location.

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