What Is The Affiliate Payout Structure

What Is The Affiliate Payout Structure

 All commissions are set at 30% and pay out is released after 30 days.
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    • Super Affiliate vs Affiliate

      Let's discuss the differences in affiliate levels. The standard affiliate level will have a payout percentage that is shown next to each product's link (i.e. 30%) and will carry a cookie for certain time period (i.e. 30 days), in which if the person ...
    • Does The Affiliate Program Offer Level Payouts (Affiliate Signs Up Under My ID & Drives Sale)

      We are a 2-level affiliate program. Level (1) offers full commissions to any sales driven directly by you. Level (2) has affiliates sign up under your link, earning you a percentage of all sales they drive.
    • Can I Purchase Through My Own Affiliate Link

      No. This is prohibited by the Affiliate User Agreement under COMPENSATION > COMMISSIONS AND BONUSES PAID FOLLOWING LEGITIMATE SALE > “User may not use their own affiliate link to make personal purchases.”
    • Where Are The Affiliate Tools

      Upon logging into the affiliate program (click on "Already an affiliate? Login Now!") the next screen to show up will be: Click on AFFILIATE TOOLS - GET MY LINKS! and all affiliate URLs, tools, emails and more will show up.
    • Is Trustee Compensation Reported To IRS

      Trustee compensation is a separate contract whose obligation is protected under Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution for the United States of America. All Federal excise tax and state organization and franchise taxes are legally avoided except ...