What Is The Affiliate Payout Structure

What Is The Affiliate Payout Structure

 All commissions are set at 30% and pay out is released after 30 days.
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    • Super Affiliate vs Affiliate

      Let's discuss the differences in affiliate levels. The standard affiliate level will have a payout percentage that is shown next to each product's link (i.e. 30%) and will carry a cookie for certain time period (i.e. 30 days), in which if the person ...
    • Does The Affiliate Program Offer Level Payouts (Affiliate Signs Up Under My ID & Drives Sale)

      We are a 2-level affiliate program. Level (1) offers full commissions to any sales driven directly by you. Level (2) has affiliates sign up under your link, earning you a percentage of all sales they drive.
    • Can I Purchase Through My Own Affiliate Link

      No. This is prohibited by the Affiliate User Agreement under COMPENSATION > COMMISSIONS AND BONUSES PAID FOLLOWING LEGITIMATE SALE > “User may not use their own affiliate link to make personal purchases.”
    • Can The Trustee Compensation Be Nothing

      There must be trustee compensation, therefore one can make the compensation 1 gram of copper and the trustee(s) can be paid with a single U.S. penny (3g of copper).
    • Where Are The Affiliate Tools

      Upon logging into the affiliate program (click on "Already an affiliate? Login Now!") the next screen to show up will be: Click on AFFILIATE TOOLS - GET MY LINKS! and all affiliate URLs, tools, emails and more will show up.