What Does The "In God We Trust" Mean on Currency

What Does The "In God We Trust" Mean on Currency

Corporations cannot reorganize, using the word "trust" without complying fully with law--mandamus to compel secretary of state to file articles, State ex rel, Osborne, Tremper & Co. v Nichols 38 W. 309.

Simply put, one cannot use the word "trust" unless actually a trust. Nor can one use "bank or banc" unless actually a bank. In fact, all are even barred from placing the word "trust" on any currency unless they are a bonafide trust. Simple to understand, right? 

Any trust organization that creates it's own currency, which it is allowed to as a sui juris organization, is stipulated BY LAW to add the company's name to its currency notes. Now look at the back of a $1 dollar bill and see the words written, "In God We... TRUST" and put the pieces together.

In fact, the Unite States is NOT a country, it's a federal corporation. Look up 28 U.S.C. ยง 3002 (15) (A). This may not seem like much, but a corporation runs FOR-PROFIT and not at the behest of "what is best for the general public", which is why the US Corporation pushes for more wars, pharmaceuticals and state-programming to create a "good consumer" within their organization.

Another fun fact, if one tries to register the name "In God We Trust" in any state in America, one will find it's the only name that is barred from being used. Interesting coincidence, no?
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