Why Can A Trust Not Be Sued

Why Can A Trust Not Be Sued

The best place to look, is at the most well-established trust we know, the United States of America Inc. This trust/corporation has ruled numerous times on laws that Congress passed that interfere with contracts of it's sub-corporations (Persons, Corporations, Public Trusts, LLCs, etc.)

"Laws enacted by Congress on occasion interfere with contracts entered into before enactment, prompting suits against the United States by disappointed contract parties. The United States cannot be sued unless it waives sovereign immunity and vests jurisdiction to hear claims against it in a court."

And when do you think the government is going to say, "Sure, I want you to sue me and potentially win."? They would never allow that, because they have sovereign immunity as a trust. Now, the government can be sued when it has an injured person or property and the injured parties present a valid claim. But that's just called following The Golden Rule:
Do No Harm To Others Or Their Property

If you stick to that principle, a trust cannot be sued. It can waive it's sovereign immunity, but that would only be due to the lack of knowledge of a Trustee and not by any fault of the Trust.

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